Developers are crucial figures in software development, main force in creating software products and people of greatest value in 4Expand. Carefully recruited from vast amount of available programmers at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, developers at 4Expand are not only great in coding, but also creative, bright, capable of analyzing and solving complex problems, open and friendly persons.

Concept of teamwork - team strength is greater than sum of members' abilities

Teamwork is that aspect of a project which focuses on enhancing the human activity. This enhancement includes training, recognition, and team-building activities. 4Expand supports teamwork by accepting that high performance is voluntary, and that company should provide environment in which individuals will feel motivated to offer their best to a project. Effective teamwork is built upon corporate culture, resources devoted and recognition of the concept by people. As a result, our development team is using whatever resources are available, in the best way possible.

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Team skills

Team members' skills are very different, experience in programming varies from 2 to 20 years. There are Java, C#, Python, JavaScript experts, talented web designers and algorithm creators, experienced database administrators and anticipating system architects.  Additional advantage of the team is agile learning, which tends to be even more important than current knowledge in our continuously changing world.

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Quality - receive desired level of quality at any project stage

Each team member endows the project with quality. Either it is an architect or coder, designer or project manager, quality is the heart of his work style. The most important is that team is capable of working on various quality levels. When you need prototype which just shows bits on the screen we close our eyes on quality and work for speed. When you are going to receive reliable and stable product, quality becomes top priority on every stage of the project. Before it is delivered to a client, each project or phase of a project is tested in detail by that part of the team which was not directly involved in its development. This kind of "cross testing" eliminates possible subjectivity on the part of the developer who created the code and allows for increased quality, stability and efficiency.

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People - real people, real work, real product

People which work for you are professional developers, architects, managers and each has individual abilities, skills and advantages. Some are fast in generating creative ideas, some are exceptional in problem analyzing; there are excellent coders and great document writers; artists and designers, managers and leaders - these are people who form the 4Expand team. One of the important advantages of 4Expand is the ability to combine those skills into working mixture of talents, operating your project.

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