As the Internet revolutionizes the way business is done, client expectations become extremely demanding. Ever-changing technology in this competitive business environment asks for the technology companies to be partners and not just vendors.

4Expand realizes this need and extends its services for the Internet and e-Commerce requirements by partnering with its clients. 4Expand today undertakes activities like Internet Application Development, Web Designing, Database Integration, Internet Consulting, Tool Development etc.

4Expand has acquired a wide variety of technology skills and project delivery mechanisms. It has also acquired skills in software quality management and resource management. 4Expand believes that human resource is the key resource in a technology company and hence takes efforts to train its consultants on the latest technologies.

Partnership Approach

4Expand provides much more than just web development services. We partner with clients to solve their problems and help them succeed. Rather than simply develop a solution according to your needs, we are always willing to establish a partnership with every single customer.

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Working Principles

You will be positive all your requirements are clearly understood.

That means we listen carefully, realize your unique business needs behind a site or a product, and clearly express our ideas to make a communication process as efficient and convenient for our partners as possible.

You are guaranteed to have the best of our expertise concentrated on designing an effective solution.

A key operating principle at 4Expand lies in that we as a company must concentrate on our core competencies and create strategic partnerships to provide our partners with the best possible quality on a long-term basis. In process of its relationship with a customer 4Expand creates synergy to ensure absolute effectiveness in advancing customer's abilities to a higher level by staying focused within its areas of strength and expertise.

You will enjoy our ever-open communication lines.

Throughout all regular status and schedule updates, milestones and staged deliverables, notifications and project documentation, you will be constantly kept informed of our progress. Moreover, you will have multiple opportunities to evaluate our work at intermediate milestones as well as to provide feedback and suggestions.

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How to start cooperation with us

4Expand will be happy to demonstrate its abilities on a short pilot project defined on the part of the client. Project is developed with a minimal charge and the budget is not recommended to exceed 4 programmer weeks. When defining a project, we include the widest spectrum of new technologies relevant for the future work with the client/partner, so that the possibilities and potentials of 4Expand to offer concrete and quality solutions are demonstrated to the fullest.

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